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About Brainy Data

At Brainy Data we endeavor to provide first class products and services aimed at the Omnis developer.

Why not try our no obligation demo software and judge for yourself. Be sure to visit our news page from time to time to keep an eye on our latest developments. Or even better, why not subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you up to date.

If you are interested in our consultancy services, please get in touch.


Brainy Data was set up in 2003 by Michael Monschau, who was until that time, a key member of the Omnis engineering team for Raining Data (now Omnis Software) in the UK. Brainy Data specializes in creating Omnis components for the desktop and web client versions of Omnis Studio and after years of continuous development and investment, has created an invaluable set of Omnis Components. Amongst our products you will find components for word processing, spell checking, PDF generation, scheduling and project management.
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Omnis is one of the most sophisticated Rapid Application Development tools in the industry. 

Last Updated: 22 May 2023 � Brainy Data Limited, "Brainy Data" is a registered trademark of Brainy Data Ltd.

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