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What our Customers think about us

I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to our customers who took the time to provide us with their feedback for this page. I would also like to thank all customers for their continued trust and support in our services and products. With more than 200 Omnis developers now using our products, Brainy Data has become a household name in the Omnis community and I would like to pledge that we will endeavor to maintain the high standards that you have come to expect of us.
            Michael Monschau (Director, Brainy Data Limited)
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Italy 888 Software Product srl (Solutions for the construction and government sectors)
"We've used Brainy Data Omnis components for over 10 years with success, his component cannot miss in our applications, they are well-built and professional tools and the support is great!"
            Stefano Manzoli (Product Manager)

United Kingdom Adnet Ltd (Advertising/Design/PR/Media/Marketing Agencies)
"We use OWrite, OSpell2 and PDFDevice in our latest products which have enabled us to enhance the functionality considerably. Support is excellent and when we have had any problems they have been resolved very quickly. Would recommend to anyone."
            Keith Bartlett

Switzerland Advanced Concepts AG (Vertical Market Application (Healthcare), Omnis Components, C++ custom development)
"OCal came at just the right time for me, I thought about doing something along these lines, but hey it's there and it works!"
            Stefan Csomor (Owner)

United States AG Systems (Business Enterprise Software)
"We are very pleased with the ease of integration of PDFDevice with our Omnis Studio applications. We are recent adopters, and I wish we had done it sooner!."
            Alan Grinberg (President)

Canada Arts Management Systems Ltd (Fully integrated box office and fundraising software Arts and Entertainment organizations)
"Theatre Manager makes extensive use of oCal, oWrite, oSpell2, PDFDevice and oGantt to provide the best enterprise wide integrated arts and entertainment management software in the market.   I feel that Michael's components have given us a big leg up on our competitors and allow us to deliver an application that typically leaves our customers gasping at the depth and breadth of Theatre Manager."
            Doug Easterbrook

United States Axalta Coating Systems (development, manufacture and sale of liquid and powder coatings)
"PDFDevice makes it very easy for us to provide our users with PDF support for our reports."
            Brian O'Sullivan

United States Aviation Information Services, Inc. (Corporate Aviation)
"really looking forward to seeing the Gantt product."
            Scott Bergin (President)

United States Avondale Software (The Ombudsman, Law Office Case Management)
            Chuck Martin

United Kingdom Caliach Ltd (Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning for SMEs)
"We use the PDFDevice and OCal externals on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and will be exploring the OGantt component when it becomes available. Brilliant software and great support."
            Chris Ross

United Kingdom Catalina Software (Distribution & Logistics)
            Malcolm Windsor

France Cegedim (Medical Software)
"Since 15 years. 5000 users."

United States ClienTrax Software (Veterinary Practice Management Software)
"We use OWrite, OSpell2 and PDFDevice and they have given our program options we never thought possible with Omnis. Really looking forward to the time when we can include Omnis controls in the OWrite documents."
Michael Mantkowski (President)

United States Clients & Profits Worldwide (Advertising Agencies, Design Firms, Corporate Marcom Departments)
"Brainy Data's components have undeniably improved our user experience. They have been indispensable -- our ad agency software would be much less useful without them. I wish Michael had 10 more clones there working on magical new ways to make Omnis better."
            Mark Robillard (Founder/Creative Director)

United Kingdom Clockwork IT Ltd (Support Desk Pro - Service Management Software)
"Always enjoyed excellent products and support from Brainy Data, long may it continue."
            Steve Adams

The Netherlands Crimsonwing BV (ERP,  CRM)
"We are using PDFDevice and oCal - excellent functionality, easy to deploy, and great support from Brainy Data."
            Peter Morris (Developer)

France EQUATION SA (EquaPRO ERP : CRM, accounting, stock control, manufacturing and service management)
"EquaPRO is an ERP for manufacturing management, sales management or services management. EquaPRO also includes accounting, CRM and and stock control Management. EquaPRO is a multi-lingual, multisite and cross platform ERP dedicaced to SMEs. EQUATION produce this complete cross platform solution by using omnis studio , omnis studio web,  oWrite and PDFDevice components."
            Anabelle CHAUMARAT (Sales Engineer)
            Lionel BONNEVILLE (Service Manager EquaPRO)

New Zealand Freedom Software Ltd (Funeral Homes database and accounting solutions)
We are based in New Zealand and supply Funeral Homes with complete Database and accounting solutions. We have been using brainy data's PDFDevice for some time and find it works well, is easy to implement and our clients appreciate the added functionality it provides. We are currently incorporating OWrite and OSpell2 into our software. Thank you brainy data.
            Alan Eddy (Managing Director)

Canada Ingenious Software (Management software for the fire department)
"We use OSpell2 and OWrite extensively throughout our program and both we and our clients think it's great. We will start using OCal shortly and have just implemented PDFDevice. All of these tools are great."
            Douglas Farquharson

Belgium Just Software bvba (Accounting and general management software to small and medium size enterprises)
"We appreciate the direct contact between our development team and Brainy Data."
            Guido Kestens (Manager)

United Kingdom Lineal Software Solutions Ltd (SQLWorks. Accounting, Manufacturing Stock Control, Architects Practice Management)
"Brainy Data components have enabled Lineal software to deliver cross platform solutions that give us a competitive edge for our customers. We produce complete solutions for our CRM module using OWrite, OSpell2 and OCal. Along with PDFDevice, we provide the ability to instantly produce and deliver documents to the end client within seconds. This puts Lineal's SQLWorks ahead of the competition for both desktop solutions and more importantly our web solutions. With the knowledge of working with the core product, Omnis Studio at the engineering level, no one is better qualified to produce these cost effective solutions than Brainy Data."
            Mike Matthews (Managing Director)

Australia Logical Developments (Accounting,, Administration, Manufacturing, Sales and Transport software)
            Paul W. Mulroney (
Development Manager)

Italy NEWLOG Consulting srl (Logistics and Document Management Information Systems)
"PDFDevice is a very useful software that permits to easily link our Document Management System Publisherlite to Omnis based software."
            Romualdo Gobbo (CEO)

The Netherlands OmniHis (software for general practioners)
"OWrite is a great product."
            Peter van Rooij

Switzerland Online Travel Services AG (Software for the travel industry)
"Not really much to say, which in this case is a really good thing. The PDFDevice, which we use extensively, simply works, the support is exemplary. As a software company we really can't ask for more."
            Rudolf Bargholz

The Netherlands PLANBASE (Planning Software)
            Ron Kroon

United States Quality Enhanced Management Systems, Inc.
"Quality Administration for Emergency Services (QAES) is a software application that provides 9-1-1 emergency dispatch centers, the ability to manage the most crucial aspects of public safety information and administration. We use OSpell2 and PDFDevice in our application for 9-1-1 Emergency Operations Management. They are both very stable and our customers very much appreciate the features that they provide."
            Mark Jenkins (VP/CTO)

Germany Senex GmbH (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP and chemical/pharmaceutical software)
"Our omnis-studio developed software is - above others - a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software and we are specialized for Software in the chemical/pharmaceutical industries which has to comply with 21 CFR part 11 FDA (usa) requirements (GMP) and/or need hazmat management."
            Dagmar Strobel

United States SRP Technologies, Inc.
"We bought the PDFDevice for one of our customers who wanted to email Omnis reports as PDF's. I cannot believe how simple it was to set up and use and the customer is very happy. Great product with great support!"
            Steve Finger (President)

United States Suran Systems, Inc. (CDM+ and DonorWorks)
"We used the PDFDevice xcomp to integrate existing Omnis reports with a Ruby on Rails-based website. In less than 2 hours, we were able to establish the Omnis web server and build a library to print our report to PDF using PDFDevice and return those PDFs to the end user. Based on how easy this process was, we decided to purchase the full OWrite Plus suite of xcomps and look forward to integrating them into our products."
            Alex Clay (Software Development Manager)

The Netherlands Van Beek B.V. (Manufacturing -  Internal software for managing the processes in our company)
"The quality and flexibility of the components are great because they integrate really well with Omnis. This is important for us, because we need Rapid Development and thus components which just work."
           Marten Verhoeven

Canada Vencor Software
            Doug Kuyvenhoven

Switzerland VOEGELI Jean-Marc (software for real estate management)
"OWrite filled our needs perfectly well. We built a mail application with it."
            Jean-Marc Voegeli

Switzerland W&W IMMO INFORMATIK AG (in-house development for martial arts organization)
" PDFDevice is an outstanding product. It has a very small footprint, integrates very well in our OMNIS Code and does the job of converting reports to pdf."

            Luciano D'Agostini (Development Manager)


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