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Christmas Break

Our offices will be closed from the 22nd of December until the 7th of January.

We at Brainy Data wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Latest News

06 December 2018

[1] Software updates (follow up) - [2] EurOmnis 2018 Special Offers

02 December 2018

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Pre-Order JS-OCal (last updated 17 August 2018)

Pre-Order JS-OCal now and receive early alpha releases, free pre-release technical support and input.

You can help support this port by pre-ordering JS-OCal. Invoices will only be issued once the first alpha release is available. You will be granted access to all alpha and beta releases as well as free technical support during this porting phase.

If you wish to pre-order JS-OCal please contact our sales department for further details.

OWrite 4.1 new feature release delayed (last updated 03 May 2018)

Dear Developer,

We had planned to release OWrite version 4.1 in March/April this year. Unfortunately, we had to put this development on hold as we needed to work on some important JS-OWrite issues that had priority over new feature enhancements. This work involved a complete rethink of the way OWrite measures and positions text in order to bring a more unified experience to all main-stream browsers, MSWord and OWrite. This work is now almost complete and will be tested over the next few weeks by our JS-OWrite developers. Needless to say, these changes were substantial and thus involve a certain amount of risk. 

Consequently, we are changing our current road-plan for OWrite. Version 4.1 will now mainly include the latest JS-OWrite enhancements and changes plus the Mac dictation feature as these have been completed (also available as a 4.0.4 patch on request). What was to be version 4.1 will now be released as version 4.2 after 4.1 has been beta tested and released. Version 4.2 will include additional feature enhancements that are to be announced.

Right now, we require additional beta testers to test the impact of the JS-OWrite changes on desktop deployments. To become a beta tester you must have a valid OWrite maintenance and technical support subscription. Please
contact us if you wish to take part.

Summary road-plan:
- OWrite v4.0.4 patch for Mac dictation enhancement available on request from next week.
- JS-OWrite/OWrite Desktop v4.1 beta available on request from next week
- JS-OWrite/OWrite Desktop v4.1 GM available after the 4.1 beta cycle is complete
- JS-OWrite/OWrite Desktop v4.2 GM will be available post 4.1 GM

The JS-OWrite issues in more detail:
As developers began to deploy JS-OWrite, it became quickly apparent that there were important differences in how documents appeared in some browsers and how they were formatted by OWrite on the server for the purpose of producing PDF files. After a long and detailed investigation we found that although MSWord and all major browsers appear to agree on measuring the width of text, they did not agree on the font line-height. Furthermore, no matter how much we tried, OWrite did not always agree relating to both text widths or line-heights. We eventually narrowed this down to the fact that OWrite has been locked into the Omnis external SDK for measuring text which to this day uses integer based device units. On both Macintosh and Windows, the system SDKs provide font and text handling APIs that support floating point units. We thus took the decision to move away from the Omnis SDK and convert our code to using floating point units and calling system functions directly. We immediately found that both OWrite and MSWord now format documents identical, except in some rare cases. However, this did not resolve the issue of different browsers measuring line-heights differently. To resolve this we decided to add a feature that allows developers to download a unified set of font heights to the browsers which JS-OWrite will use to measure line-heights from hereon. This has resulted in most documents appearing identical across all major browsers and MSWord. We are currently still working on a remaining issue involving the size of table cells with borders. We are also hampered by an inability to use the Windows GDI+ system functions to measure and render text. This is caused by the Omnis external SDK (which we still have to link with) being build with the NOSTRICT compiler flag, whereas GDI+ requires a STRICT build. We have managed to work around this regarding measuring text, but were unable to render text on screen as nicely as we are able to on Macintosh. We are still investigating alternative solutions, such as building a separate DLL on windows for GDI+ rendering. This completes our story so far and as you may appreciate, this work involved some major surgery within OWrite core functionality and we are only just entering the post-surgery period which may still reveal complications. We thus ask for your patience as regards to the 4.1 and 4.2 GM releases.

Yours faithfully,
Michael Monschau (Director)

Github and Omnis call to arms (last updated 14 February 2018)

In order to contribute to the Omnis call to arms (see, we have uploaded several EurOmnis presentation libraries and Brainy Data example libraries to Github. There are still a few more to be uploaded. Moving forward, we intend to use Github as our main VCS for both EurOmnis and Brainy Data libraries and welcome any contributions, however small, to these ongoing projects. We are ashamed to say, that all of our Brainy Data libraries still use Omnis DML, but this is something we will rectify as we move forward. Nevertheless, all libraries include many examples of Omnis Studio programming techniques that not only demonstrate the use of our products, but also demonstrate the versatility of Omnis. All libraries are published under the MIT license, so feel free to enjoy.

The decision to use Github as our main VCS has the consequence that our latest Libraries will require Studio 8.1 from hereon. We will keep historical versions of the current example libraries which will work with Studio 4.3 or later and which will be available on request, but we will no longer maintain these. Of course, if you subscribe to our technical support program and you require examples of use not covered in the Studio 8.1 libraries, we will provide you with sample code that will work with your version of Omnis Studio.

Please understand that the libraries are provided without warranty and that, unless you own a technical support subscription or are working on improvements via mutual agreement, we are unable to provide technical support in relation to these libraries.

All non-technical communications related to libraries on Github should be send to click here.

All our repositories can be found at

Yours faithfully,
Michael Monschau (Director)

Omnis Studio 8.1 ports (last updated 21 December 2017)

Below is the current list of completed ports available for download from the support website. Beta releases are supplied on request.

Product Version Date

05 JUL 2017


28 JUN 2017
OSpell2 3.2.4 28 JUN 2017
PDFDevice 3.2.8 28 JUN 2017
OCal 2.0.0 28 JUN 2017
OGantt 4.0.2 02 NOV 2017
OLDAP* 2.0.0 in beta

* The LDAP component has been ported to the Studio non-visual component SDK. This means that you will be required to change your code to take advantage of this port. 

Omnis Studio Macintosh Cocoa ports (last updated 21 December 2017)

We have now released Studio 8 ports on Macintosh for most of our components and are continuing to port LDAP and OGantt. These final ports are now expected to be completed during August and September instead of June/August. We apologize for the additional delay but we have been dealing with a number of unexpected issues that have set us back by a few weeks.

Product Macintosh*
release version / date


16 JUN 2016


15 JUN 2016
OSpell2 3.2.4 15 JUN 2016
PDFDevice 3.2.5 15 JUN 2016
OGantt 4.0.2 02 NOV 2017
OCal 2.0.0 15 JUN 2016
LDAP* 2.0.0 beta 1 05 AUG 2016

* The LDAP component has been ported to the Studio non-visual component SDK. This means that you will be required to change your code to take advantage of this port.

This newsletter is for informational purposes only. Brainy Data assumes no responsibility for its accuracy, and the information is subject to change without notice. Any use of, or actions taken based upon, any of the information contained in this newsletter is done entirely at your own risk.

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OWrite 4.2 feature release
Available soon

PHP Spellchecker for JS-OWrite
Research stage

OCal for JS Client
Port to start September 2018.

OGantt for JS Client
Port will
commence following completion of JS-OCal port.

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