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19 July 2021

PDFDevice News: Acroforms, File Merging & Signing oWrite/jsoWrite Forms (planned) oWrite/jsoWrite version 5 beta release Studio 10.2 ports: Outstanding ports, Universal Binary macOS Notarization PDFWriter v6.5 Feature Release jsoGantt port news Technical Hints: new oWrite examples

13 December 2020

Holidays/Christmas Office Closure Studio 10.2 support PDFDevice version 4.0 release jsoCal development jsoGantt development oWrite/jsoWrite version 5 alpha 4 We need your help! Technical Notes: TN0032 Technical Hints: Undocumented oWrite constants

6 July 2020

jsoCal alpha 2 release PDFDevice 4 alpha 1 Software Path Releases: PDFDevice Software Maintenance/Feature Releases: oGantt, PDFWriter Ongoing Development: jsoCal Port, jsoWrite/oWrite Minor Feature Release, jsoGantt Future R & D: jsoWrite & jsoCal for Linux headless server Technical Hints jsSignature: pen features, transparency & PDFDevice,trimming We want your Feedback

9 April 2020

Happy Easter Discontinuation of pre Studio 8.1 support on Macintosh Software maintenance releases (Studio 10.1 builds, Catalina Ready) Ongoing development Technical Notes: Checking DLL Version Numbers Technical Hints: getting a list of tables in a document.

23 March 2020

Brainy Data Continuity during COVID-19 outbreak

05 February 2020

jsoCal Alpha Released Development Life Cycle Policy Update Discontinuation of pre-Studio 8.1 support Maintenance releases: jsoWrite/oWrite,PDFDevice 3.4.3, OGant Technical notes: TN0033 Catalina Notarization Ongoing development: jsoCal Port Technical Hints: jsoWrite/oWrite cross-platform document appearance

Recent News

20 December 2019

Holidays/Christmas Closure Software patch releases: OWrite/JS-OWrite version, PDFDevice version 3.4.3, OGantt version, PDFWriter version Ongoing development: Notarization, JS-OCal Port, PDFWriter version Technical Notes: OWrite Document List Structure Technical Hints: OWrite Handling page setup data.

02 October 2019

Software releases and patches: OWrite Ongoing development: JS-OCal Port, PDFWriter version 6 Technical Notes: JS-OWrite Server Actions Recipe, JS-OWrite Client-Side Find &Replace Technical Hints: JS-OWrite changing the ruler colour

02 September 2019

Software releases and patches: PDFDevice 3.4.0 Important beta releases: OWrite Desktop version beta 5,OWrite Java Script Client version beta 5 Ongoing development: JS-OCal Port, PDFWriter version 6 New Technical Notes: JS-OWrite Server Actions Recipe, JS-OWrite Client-Side Find &Replace Technical Hints:PDFDevice device appearance properties, OWrite $papercontinuous property

02 July 2019

Software releases and patches: OWrite/JS OWrite version Important beta releases: OWrite Desktop version beta 1, OWrite Java Script Client version beta 1, PDFDevice version 3.4.0 beta 1 Ongoing development: JS-OCal Port Delayed New Technical Notes: JS-OWrite Server Actions Recipe, JS-OWrite Client-Side Find &Replace Technical Hints: OWrite $curobjcontainer property, OWrite $isplaintext property

25 May 2019

Software releases and patches Important PDFDevice 3.4.0 beta release Ongoing development: JS OCal Port New technical support subscriptions Technical Hint: PDFDevice Advanced Options Window

Old News

29 March 2019   25 February 2019   06 December 2018   02 December 2018

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Github and Omnis call to arms (last updated 14 February 2018)

In order to contribute to the Omnis call to arms (see, we have uploaded several EurOmnis presentation libraries and Brainy Data example libraries to Github. There are still a few more to be uploaded. Moving forward, we intend to use Github as our main VCS for both EurOmnis and Brainy Data libraries and welcome any contributions, however small, to these ongoing projects. We are ashamed to say, that all of our Brainy Data libraries still use Omnis DML, but this is something we will rectify as we move forward. Nevertheless, all libraries include many examples of Omnis Studio programming techniques that not only demonstrate the use of our products, but also demonstrate the versatility of Omnis. All libraries are published under the MIT license, so feel free to enjoy.

The decision to use Github as our main VCS has the consequence that our latest Libraries will require Studio 8.1 from hereon. We will keep historical versions of the current example libraries which will work with Studio 4.3 or later and which will be available on request, but we will no longer maintain these. Of course, if you subscribe to our technical support program and you require examples of use not covered in the Studio 8.1 libraries, we will provide you with sample code that will work with your version of Omnis Studio.

Please understand that the libraries are provided without warranty and that, unless you own a technical support subscription or are working on improvements via mutual agreement, we are unable to provide technical support in relation to these libraries.

All non-technical communications related to libraries on Github should be send to click here.

All our repositories can be found at

Yours faithfully,
Michael Monschau (Director)

This news on this page is for informational purposes only. Brainy Data assumes no responsibility for its accuracy, and the information is subject to change without notice. Any use of, or actions taken based upon, any of the information contained in this newsletter is done entirely at your own risk.

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PHP Spellchecker for JS-OWrite
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