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Latest News

22 December 2023

Christmas Closure jsoGantt Port Feature/Maintenance releases (oWrite, jsoWrite, oSpell2, pdfDevice) Patch Releases (pdfDevice, oGantt) Current Projects (jsoGantt, Linux Ports, oWrite/jsoWrite version 6)

15 October 2023

EurOmnis 2023 Feature & Maintenance Releases (oWrite, jsoWrite, jsSignature, pdfDevice, oSpell2, oGantt, oCal) Current Projects (jsoGantt, Linux Ports, oWrite/jsoWrite version 6) Technical Hints (postponed until after EurOmnis or visit EurOmnis for lots of technical hints)

16 December 2022

Merry Christmas PDFDevice version 5 Release (Documentation, Examples, Studio & Linux Support) Other Feature & Maintenance Releases (oWrite, jsoWrite, pdfDevice, oGantt, jsoCal) Current Projects (jsoGantt, Linux Ports, oWrite/jsoWrite version 6) Documentation & Technical Notes (New and updated documentation) Technical Hints (oWrite $newprimeasure, The $curobjdisplay property for kWriObjTypeInfo fields)

24 December 2021

Merry Christmas PDFDevice version 5 beta 1 for windows oWrite/jsoWrite version 5.1 minor feature release release IMPORTANT New Bank Details

09 November 2021

PDFDevice version 5 beta oWrite/jsoWrite version 6 News oWrite/jsoWrite version 5 final release Universal Binaries & Maintenance Releases jsoGantt Development Software Release Automation IMPORTANT New Bank Details Technical Hints: How to insert list data in an oWrite table cell

19 July 2021

PDFDevice News: Acroforms, File Merging & Signing oWrite/jsoWrite Forms (planned) oWrite/jsoWrite version 5 beta release Studio 10.2 ports: Outstanding ports, Universal Binary macOS Notarization PDFWriter v6.5 Feature Release jsoGantt port news Technical Hints: new oWrite examples

Old News

All past Technical Hints can now also be viewed in one handy location: HTML PDF

Date Technical Hints
13 Dec 2020 Undocumented oWrite constants
06 Jul 2020 jsSignature: pen features, transparency & PDFDevice,trimming 
09 Apr 2020 getting a list of tables in a document.
05 Feb 2020 jsoWrite/oWrite cross-platform document appearance
20 Dec 2019 OWrite Handling page setup data
02 Oct 2019 JS-OWrite changing the ruler colour
02 Sep 2019 PDFDevice device appearance properties, OWrite $papercontinuous property
02 Jul 2019 OWrite $curobjcontainer property, OWrite $isplaintext property
25 May 2019 PDFDevice Advanced Options Window
29 Mar 2019 OWrite Special Paste
25 Feb 2019 JS OWrite Asynchronicity
02 Dec 2018 JS Browser Caching
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OGantt for JS Client
Expected middle 2023

PDFDevice for Linux
Expected middle 2023

Studio 11 Ports
On Request early 2023

oWrite/jsoWrite 6
PDF export, AcroForms, Editable forms

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